Philadelphia Eagles: Lane Johnson dishes on Carson Wentz, Andre Dillard

Lane Johnson (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Lane Johnson (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Interesting Philadelphia Eagles news came by way of the right tackle recently.

As Philadelphia Eagles fans, we can hang out on YouTube or Twitter. We can listen to Doug Pederson’s best clips or hang out with him on a live Zoom meeting, but every now and again, the best stuff we can get as members of the media or as fans comes from the players themselves.

After all, if we want to hear what’s happening with this team, who better to ask than its stars? Isn’t that why we follow them on Twitter and Instagram and watch things like that awful NFL Network Top 100 Players of 2020 ranking?

Thank goodness for Philadelphia Egles right tackle Lane Johnson.

On August 17th, Philly had their first padded practice of camp, and already there’s much to talk about, but if you haven’t had a chance to yet, you may want to check out Lane Johnson‘s recent sitdown with several members of the Philly media. ’65’ spoke for about 15 minutes, and a lot of good stuff came out of that one.

Perhaps the highlight was his theory that he wouldn’t be surprised if Brandon Brooks returned this season from injury. Keep in mind the fact that Brooks just ruptured his Achilles in June.

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That shouldn’t surprise anyone though. Brooks’ mastery of his body and the way that he’s been able to progress through any rehab that he’s been a part of has been the stuff of legend. In short, that dudes an alien. What may have gotten lost in the hype of that was what ’65’ had to say about his quarterback, Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ second-year left tackle.

Has anyone noticed that ’11’ is looking pretty buff these days? If you haven’t, take a look.

According to the legend, Johnson, the legend in the making, QB1, is now up to 250 pounds (keep in mind the fact that has listed him as 2237 pounds for what seems like forever).

Oh, and then there’s this. Johnson says his comrade on the offensive line, second-year tackle Andre Dillard is beefing up as well. He states that, after playing his first season at around 310 pounds, Dillard is now up to somewhere between 325 pounds and 330 pounds. At the time of this story being published, he’s listed on the team site at 315 pounds.

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Let’s hope it helps him on the playing field. Questions have been asked about the second-year man’s mental and physical toughness, but he’s being thrown into the fire after taking over in the starting role for Jason Peters. Much is expected of him. We’ll have to wait and see if he answers the call.