Philadelphia Eagles: 2 Reasons Quez Watkins can sneak onto their roster

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The Philadelphia Eagles are a couple of injuries away from being desperate. Don’t allow yourself to believe that they aren’t.

Think about this. Outside of adding the three rookies, Philly’s wide receiver corps isn’t in much different shape than it was in last January. No, seriously. Think about it. If the season would have started today, Alshon Jeffery would be out. The same could be said about the Eagles third receiver on the depth chart (Nelson Agholor missed time in 2019 and Marquise Goodwin isn’t playing in 2020), and even though Jackson is ready to go (for now), he’s a constant threat to be injured.

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Let’s keep going. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, though hurt, will be back, but we still don’t know if he can play or not. That means, if a game was to be played tomorrow, Philly would be asking for Ward to do more than he probably should, and Philly would be relying on guys who are unproven.

The good news is three of those unproven guys are their three draft picks (Reagor, Hightower, and Watkins), and they all look like they were wise decisions, even if it has been only two days of padded practices.

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If these guys keep it up, Philly may have to ask themselves a serious question. Do they want to risk placing Watkins on a scout team? Do they want to run the risk giving another team the opportunity of swooping in and stealing him? This guy’s putting some nice film together, and it may be a wise move for Philly to keep him around. No one knows what Jeffery will look like when he gets back, and again, there’s no Goodwin and Jackson can get hurt at any time.

This team wouldn’t stock seven receivers, would they? Then again, if they don’t, how are they going to hold onto to both Hightower and Watkins if they keep impressing like they are?