Philadelphia Eagles: Proof that Darius Slay is human and fans can be wrong

Darius Slay (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM )
Darius Slay (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM ) /

Attention Philadelphia Eagles fans: Darius Slay is human.

Many of us think that we know everything, but for the Philadelphia Eagles fan, this may be one of those rare occurrences where the team’s brass got it right and we got it wrong. You know. It’s sort of like that Ricky Williams versus Donovan McNabb thing. You remember. The fans wanted the running back. The organization wanted the quarterback, took him in the draft, and said quarterback got booed when announced at the selection meeting.

Let’s clear up something that has long been mentioned in error. Eagles fans weren’t booing Donovan. They were booing the organization for not taking Ricky. They felt like they had enough of the bad draft picks and the bad football.

Fast forward, and think back to March. What were we all looking for? Cornerbacks! Who did we all want (or the vast majority of us)? Byron Jones! Then, there was that sect of the fan base that may have taken James Bradberry as a consolation prize.

Jones went to the Miami Dolphins, Bradberry went to one of the Eagles biggest rivals, and we all booed Howie from out EZ Chairs and home offices. What did Howie Roseman do? He did what he always does. He pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the eleventh hour, trading for Darius Slay and cooking up an extension almost immediately.

What’s the point, you ask? Maybe the fans were wrong here and in so many other areas. Maybe we’re wrong more often than we’d like to admit. Donovan was the right choice, not Ricky. The theory that Justin Jefferson was a better prospect than Jalen Reagor may not be accurate (time will tell, but we’ll see). Maybe that Jalen Hurts thing will work out. The jury is definitely out on that last one, but we’ll see. Here’s one that we can say with a little more certainty. Slay is probably better for this team than Bradberry and Jones would have been.

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We know that Brandon Brooks is an alien already. This guy rehabs like he’s one of those ‘Terminators’. Slay may be in the same ballpark. There are times that he seems like a well-oiled machine, but we found out recently, that he is human. Less than a week ago, if you missed it, he and DeSean Jackson were going at it in practice, and we saw two things. ‘D-Jax’ still has a little something left, and ‘Big Play’ got left in the dust.

Oh, here’s a sidenote. Mr. Slay has informed everyone that he’s to be referred to as ‘Big Play’ or ‘Slay’. Our apologies for calling him by his full name earlier. Now back to business. Just in case you missed it, the story goes as such. ‘D-Jax’ sent a clip to Chad Johnson aka ‘Ochocinco’, and Johnson put it out there. People saw it, and the world went bananas. ’10’ is still leaving elite cornerbacks in the dust in Year 13.

Check this out.

Yep, that’s Slay in coverage. Don’t panic. Don’t make a big deal out of this. It’s training camp. We just wanted you to know that ’10’ still has wheels, and ‘Big Play’ is human and can be beaten. It doesn’t happen often, but there’s the evidence that he’s more than a Madden rating. He’s a real person.

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Just don’t expect to see that happen often during the 2020 regular season. ’24’ is a shutdown corner in every sense of the word. Just ask Amari Cooper, and knowing something like this is floating around (and working against ’10’ in camp on the daily) is only going to make ‘Big Play’ better. NFL wide receivers and opposing offensive coordinators beware.