Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Sudfeld dishes on his job security, Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Yong Kim-Pool/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Yong Kim-Pool/Getty Images) /

Nate Sudfeld has earned Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback duties, for now.

Come on. You’re Philadelphia Eagles fans. You know this stuff without having to be told, but for the sake of creating a discussion, let’s say them anyway. These guys aren’t just Madden ratings or cogs in your Fantasy football machine, they’re real people, and they know what you think about them.

DeSean Jackson knows that you think he gets hurt all of the time. Alshon Jeffery knows what you think about him. Nate Sudfeld knows that some of you are over him and want Jalen Hurts in the backup role, but let’s be honest. Philly’s second man on the quarterbacks’ depth chart (Sudfeld) had a three-year head start on the third-stringer (Hurts) in this offense.

Let’s talk about this Philadelphia Eagles depth chart.

Let’s put this all into perspective for you. When Nate joined the ‘Birds’, Jalen was a sophomore and still playing ball for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Most of the general public didn’t even know who Tua Tagovailoa was. Here’s the point. Sudfeld should be the backup by now, especially after having Carson Wentz and Josh McCown as teammates. If Hurts would have been able to beat him out for the backup job at this point, there needed to be a serious question about what this organization and team is doing.

Here’s what QB2 had to say in reference to his job security.

"You learn in this league to never assume anything. You have to go out there and earn it every single day. It’s a broken record, but rent is due every day. You have to bring it, so I’m definitely not taking anything for granted, and I am thankful for the opportunity that I have, and I am trying to put my best foot forward to help this team and keep improving as a player."

Here’s what he had to say about the understudy, Mr. Hurts.

"Jalen has been awesome. I’ve been really impressed. He can really spin it. Everyone thinks that he is an athletic guy, which he is, but he can spin it. He is also smart in the (quarterbacks) room, and it’s been great having him in the film room."

So, Sudfeld is the backup if anything happens to Wentz, for now. The ‘Birds’ are almost certain to put in a package in for the rookie. We’ll see what the future holds.