Philadelphia Eagles roster watch: 4 Prospects whose stock has fallen

Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /

Here’s a look at four Philadelphia Eagles whose stock has fallen.

Game one for the Philadelphia Eagles is less than two weeks away, and tensions are high at the NovaCare Complex. Bodies may be dropping like flies thanks to the ever-present injury bug. Potential starters are working their behinds off to get back on the field, and an aging veteran that no other NFL team wanted is strong-arming the team that made him a fortune.

This after he got a lifeline thrown to him by the ‘Birds, a team that now needs a favor from him. Sometimes, your family treats you the worst, don’t they?

A 53-man roster must be introduced by Saturday. Some of the guys on the training camp roster are shoo-ins for spots, and though no one knows everything about how this team will look, we can make a few educated guesses about what’s going to happen come September 5th. Here are four Eagles whose stock has fallen.

Might any of these four Philadelphia Eagles be sent packing?

Nate Sudfeld: Oh, he’s on the team. We all know that, but knowing that a veteran quarterback that we’ve heard so much about is in this much danger of losing his job to an upstart who’s never played a down of NFL ball is both a reason to congratulate the rookie and ask what in the world Nate Sudfeld‘s been doing for the past three seasons and four training camps.

Genard Avery: Philly traded for Genard Avery last year at the trade deadline. The intention was to give him a jumpstart on 2020’s regular-season, but after watching where he seems to be now and comparing it to where he was a season ago, you can make a successful argument that he hasn’t gotten much better.

To be frank, he’s actually regressed. To be totally blunt, he and Shareef Miller may be the least talented of the defensive ends the Eagles have in camp, and that includes this past NFL Draft’s seventh-rounder, Casey Toohill.

Jordan Mailata: There’s no way that the following can be said politely. It was a nice story, but Jordan Mailata can’t play, and it’s understandable because he didn’t start playing American football until 2018.

Sidney Jones: This is the most disappointing of the four names on the list because so much was expected of a man that, coming out of college, graded out as a first-round prospect before tearing his Achilles during his pro day.

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Since then, Sidney Jones hasn’t been able to prove that he can stay healthy, and when he is healthy, he’s never looked like he knows what he’s doing. Would you be surprised if he was left off of the roster? Would you even be angry if he was left off of the roster? Of course not. It’s a sad story but a true one.