Philadelphia Eagles: With Jason Peters at tackle, is Kyle Long an option?

Kyle Long (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Kyle Long (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Jason Peters is the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting left tackle, but now what?

Well, whether you’re pleased with how it went down or not, the Philadelphia Eagles, their fans, and the media got the desired result. When this team lines up across from the Washington Football Team on September 13th, the man, myth, and legend, Jason Peters will be playing left tackle.

Now, you can argue among yourselves about your level of satisfaction with how that went down. Did this guy really walk into the coach’s office and tell him what position he felt like playing? Well, as interesting as it is, that’s a topic for another day. All we care about is it happened.

According to Over The Cap, there hasn’t been a bump in his salary as of late, but trust and believe everyone will be following that as well. Here’s something else of note. That starting right guard position is open now, and though it seems like Matt Pryor is the natural fit, there are other options as well.

Might Larry Warford benefit the Philadelphia Eagles?

With Peters’ decision, one might make the educated guess that the Eagles’ interest in Cordy Glenn might not be where it was a few days ago. Instead, the attention shifts back to the right side of the offensive line.

There are concerns about Lane Johnson. Its’ been a while since he’s practiced, but with their being the hope that Brandon Brooks might even return to the lineup before the end of this season (don’t put it past him) if Philly does go the route of looking outside of the organization for offensive line reinforcements, keep one eye on guys like Kyle Long, Ronald Lear, and Josh Kline seeing as how Larry Warford opted out due to COVID-19 concerns.

Warford was mentioned as someone the Eagles may have had an interest in when they signed Peters in the first place. He’s been named to three straight Pro Bowls. Kline has championship experience with the New England Patriots. Long is the brother of former Eagle Chris Long and a three-time Pro Bowl (2013–2015). Philly could easily use the money they wanted to give Glenn to construct an attractive deal for Long, seeing as how they have a little over $18 million to spend in 2020.