Philadelphia Eagles top concerns on a Monday full of overreactions

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Philadelphia Eagles

Jimmy Moreland versus the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles implode in Week 1, but don’t stress

With 6:54 to play in the second quarter, the Philadelphia Eagles went up by a score of 17-0 over the Washington Football Team. Then, came the turnovers and a plethora of injuries, and just like that, abysmal offensive line play and a second-half shutout by Washington’s defense means the Eagles will begin the 2020 NFL season with an 0-1 win-loss total.

For the first time since the Chip Kelly era, the Eagles dropped their opening game. Now, the ‘Birds’ will need to return home to face the Los Angeles Rams in what’s now a crucial matchup.

This team can’t afford to lose two inner-conference games in two weeks, but before we move on from the Week 1 loss and begin discussing Week 2, let’s talk about overreactions, beginning with a few you’re sure to hear about the most important player on the team.

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