Dallas Goedert is good but Philadelphia Eagles fans need to slow down

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

A recent nod for Dallas Goedert has some Philadelphia Eagles fans talking.

Well, you had to know that this would happen. After an impressive Week 1 outing by the Philadelphia Eagles‘ third-year tight end, Dallas Goedert, he’s been named by the team’s official website as the Toyota Player Of The Week for the efforts during Philly’s first of 16 weeks worth of games.

There isn’t a ‘Birds’ fan in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else around the country that doesn’t know what comes now. We’re back to a lot of the ‘run Zach Ertz out of town or trade him’ rhetoric.

Come on guys and gals. Let’s calm down a little.

Okay, Philadelphia Eagles fans, it’s time to pump the breaks just a tad.

Let’s get something straight. Well, let’s correct a few things actually. One, while Goedert may be a better blocker and a more bruising runner with the ball in his hands (Ertz tends to go down on the first contact), Ertz has been a big-game performer, a leader on this offense for years, and this season, he figures to break the franchise’s record for the most receptions in the team’s almost 90-year history.

Goedert looks like a game-changer at times, but some of his success does, indeed, come from the fact that he has ’86’ on the field with him, and if Philly was to lose Ertz, all of those double-teams ’86’ sees in the middle of the field will just simply shift over to ’88’.

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Please don’t allow yourselves to believe that Ertz’s only value is in catching passes. He affects coverage in so many ways that, to explain all of this, a separate story would need to be written. Just know that a lot of Goedert’s success over the past two seasons and game has been because he has the best tight end in Eagles history as a teammate.

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Goedert’s success shouldn’t surprise any Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Goedert’s success shouldn’t surprise anyone. He was a second-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, the 49th-overall selection to be exact, and Philly’s first draft choice of that year, so that alone should tell us two things. One, we knew he was immensely talented, and second, the Eagles organization expected him to contribute on offense immediately.

Often, that’s the plan for most second-round draftees. Jalen Hurts need not apply as Philly didn’t even dress him for Week 1’s game, but that’s another story for another day. Sheesh.

In terms of ’88’, to be very clear, let’s state this definitively. No one wants to diminish any of Goedert’s accomplishments. Again, he’s immensely talented, and he’s one of the decisions Howie Roseman actually got right, but let’s just appreciate what we have right now.

A decision doesn’t need to be made about Zach Ertz or Dallas Goedert until the end of 2021’s season. If you’re a ‘Birds’ fan, just enjoy what you’re seeing and what you have.

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Sure, Goedert might be Ertz’s eventual replacement. There seems to be no evidence that he’s in Philly’s long-term plans, but we have two years to determine that (maybe). This may not be a luxury this Eagles offense has when one or when both of these guys eventually leave the franchise. Until then, is having two of the game’s top ten tight ends and two red-zone threats really an issue? It would seem that there are bigger things to worry about.