Former Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick dishes on Carson Wentz

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images) /

Do you ever see similarities in all of these great Philadelphia Eagles QBs?

In 56 career games as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, former NFL star Michael Vick made 44 starts, including two playoff games. He’s thrown for 10,352 passing yards and 59 touchdowns. He’s added another 2,030 yards and 16 touchdowns to his Eagles resume as a runner, which we all know he was pretty good at doing during his 13-year career in pro football.

It was like having a left-handed Randall Cunningham. He was just a little faster and shorter, and though we’ve never asked him to try. It’s doubtful that Vick could punt like Randall if need be, but who could right? ’12’ was definitely the ‘Ultimate Weapon’.

These days, Randall is an ordained minister. Vick thrills everyone with his hot takes as a member of the FOX Sports team.

Who better to talk about a current Philadelphia Eagles QB than a former one?

Carson Wentz, Philly’s first pick of the 2016 NFL Draft (the second selection overall) would start his first game in 2016 as Philly’s franchise signal-caller almost three years after Vick made his last in 2013. Wentz was expected to hold the clipboard and wear the headset during his first year in the league, but that all changed after the Eagles organization shipped then-starter Sam Bradford off to the Minnesota Vikings eight days before the start of the regular season.

Wentz was both hot and cold as a rookie, as you’d expect, but he put together a near-MVP season in 2017. There isn’t a fan of this team in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else around the country that doesn’t know what’s happened since.

He’s battled injuries. He’s been given the keys after the Eagles organization ran anyone out of town that the team seemed to love or listen to more (Nick Foles, Malcolm Jenkins). In 2019, we believe that at least two of his teammates were out to get him, but here we are. ’11’ has endured.

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There’s just one issue. He’s struggling and perhaps worse than we’ve ever seen. Wentz hasn’t regressed. He’s fallen off of a cliff, and everyone can see it. That’s been one of the biggest Eagles-related talking points since Philly’s second loss of the 2020 season, their second loss in two tries, so what’s happened?

How’s this for an idea? FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd invited a former Eagles quarterback, the aforementioned Michael Vick to his show to investigate the issue and talk about a few other things. The results are as follows. Thank The Herd with Colin Cowherd

So, what say ye Philadelphia Eagles fans?

Yes, that’s been the general consensus. He shouldn’t have thrown the pass (or any of those four passes that were picked off over the past two weeks). He’s trying too hard. You can’t force things.

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This has to get cleaned up. Philly’s got another game in Week 3 on Sunday. The first-overall selection of 2020’s NFL Draft, Joe Burrow, is coming to town with the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s hard not to look ahead to the Week 4 game versus the defending NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, Philly’s first primetime game of 2020, but if the ‘Birds’ do that, they’ll be 0-3.

It’s bad, but it isn’t over. Philly can right the ship, especially while playing in the NFC East, but they have no shot if QB1 doesn’t get it together. Cross your fingers if you’re an Eagles fan.