Could Trevor Lawrence land with a Philadelphia Eagles rival?

Trevor Lawrence, (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Trevor Lawrence, (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Here’s something to think about if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The NFL is different from the NBA and MLB for one very real reason. It’s just run better. Think about it. There are some of the most recognizable and iconic franchises in the world playing this great game of professional football. You know who they are. They’re iconic names like the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, the Kansas City Chiefs, and yes, even if we all hate them, the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, hearing the name of that last team makes you sick, but let’s be honest. The NFL wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here’s another way that pro football is different from professional basketball or Major League Baseball. The NFL can still survive and thrive if small-market teams win. Come on. One of their greatest franchises is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The NBA kind of needs the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls to be relevant again. The league is more successful if the Los Angeles Lakers win. That’s been proven.

Baseball is more interesting when the New York Yankees are relevant. That too is a fact. They don’t want the Oakland A’s winning the World Series. No one would watch, and think about this. Not too long ago the NBA had a dynasty in San Antonio! That isn’t meant to be disrespectful to ‘San Antone’. It’s a great city, but when they were winning, their biggest star, Tim Duncan, didn’t talk. How engaged were you in NBA basketball back then? Here’s the answer. You weren’t.

Hey Philadelphia Eagles fans, have you thought about Lawrence in New York yet?

New York is one of the great cities in our great country. It’s also the largest, but here’s what’s interesting. Even with two teams with young quarterbacks, NFL television ratings are down in the ‘Big Apple’. Why? The teams aren’t winning, and they aren’t putting any talent on the field. Oh, and their stars are hurt.

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By now, you’ve seen enough football to know how this works. Unless they’ve traded a pick somewhere, the worst teams pick first when the NFL Draft rolls around. The Giants aren’t good folks. Neither is the New York Jets. If they don’t turn it around, one or the other could wind up with the first-overall selection, and what might they do then?

What if it’s the Giants that wind up with the first-overall selection? Even with Daniel Jones in the fold, might New York be able to pass on a sure thing like Trevor Lawrence? If ratings are down, that means the fan base needs an energy boost. Lawrence does that. He’s a generational talent.

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We see teams move on from high draft picks all of the time. Don’t be surprised if the Giants wind up with the first pick. They’re that bad. Don’t be surprised if they take Trevor Lawrence. Don’t be surprised if Daniel Jones is playing somewhere else next year.