Philadelphia Eagles debate table: This team no longer needs Jason Peters

Jason Peters (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Jason Peters (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Philadelphia Eagles need to move on from Jason Peters, period.

Sometimes, you find wisdom in strange or unexpected places. Following the Philadelphia Eagles‘ first Super Bowl win in franchise history was the most famous speech in the history of victory parades. ‘Birds’ legend Jason Kelce stepped to the microphone and verbally assaulted anyone who doubted his teammates, his coach, his general manager, or the city he plays in. Mike Lombardi’s hot takes haven’t been the same since.

There he was, dressed like a mummer, and after about six minutes, we were left with a ton of memories that we’d live with forever. Perhaps the most genius thing he said though was this. ‘Hungry dogs run faster’. Who knew, at that time, that phrase would apply so perfectly to ‘Birds’ legend and his dear friend, Jason Peters?

No one’s calling Peters a dog, but we can all agree that the dog is no longer in him. As a matter of fact, Peters’ ‘dog’ left a long time ago.

Here’s a parallel that you’ve never thought of if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Whether you’re a rock and roll or hip hop fan, you’ve no doubt watched helplessly as one of your favorite artists or groups lost their edge. The old stuff was just better. Just take Ice Cube for instance. Who would have thought that a man who built his legacy on rage and frustration, would have had his biggest single be ‘Today Was A Good Day’?

Who would have thought that Cube could be this ultra-cool father in those Are We There Yet? movies? Though his film career has been ultra-successful, most die-hard hip hop fans believe that Cube’s musical career died when he found peace. Once, Ice Cube was rich, well-fed, and no longer angry, the music didn’t quite have that same punch. The hungry man was no longer hungry, and the same feeling we get when we remember that are the same feelings that we get now whenever watch Jason Peters play football.

‘The Bodyguard’ got fat and happy for over a decade as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s made over $100 million. He’s a shoo-in for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s won a Super Bowl, but he’s also much closer to his 40th birthday party than his 30th.

Peters’ reacquisition was one that came because his team was desperate, but in his first three games with the Eagles in 2020, he’s looked old. He’s looked tired. He looks like he’s well-fed. The hunger isn’t there anymore. Neither is the elite level of play. ‘The Bodyguard’ looks like a guy that can’t play or doesn’t want to play anymore. Call it a crazy theory, but Philly may need to move on from this guy as soon as possible and cut their losses.

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Jordan Mailata waits in the wings, and he looked great in Week 4 (after that false-start penalty). Will he have the same career that Peters had? He probably won’t, but can you state definitively that he isn’t just as good as Peters is right now? You probably can’t, so with that being said, sure, let Peters walk with dignity. Let him close his career as an Eagle, but Philly can also do that by letting him go. It’s time for the youth movement. Oh, and by the way, there’s been no word about whether or not Jordan Mailata asked to be compensated as a starting left tackle prior to last night’s game.