3 Unsung Philadelphia Eagles fans might be overvaluing slightly

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player. 54. . . . Jordan Mailata, offensive tackle. 2

Okay, Philadelphia Eagles fans, it was one start.

Who would have thought after Jordan Mailata was abused throughout camp by Joe Ostman, Josh Sweat, Casey Toohill, and everybody else that Philly lined up across from him that he’d be starting in Week 4 at left tackle?

Had you taken that bet, you would have won a ton of them, but as Eagles head coach Doug Pederson stated in his Monday presser that followed Philadelphia’s first win of the season, ‘he’s come a long, long way’.

Depending on who you talk to in your inner-circle or on social media, you’re probably hearing a ton of talk about how the Eagles need to cut their losses with Jason Peters and move on with Jordan Mailata after his first professional start, one that was a close to flawless as a first start can be.

If we’re being totally honest though, the best thing to do here is to temper our excitement, wait and see what happens in these next two games versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, and reassess then.

Remember it wasn’t too long ago that we were stating it was time to give up on the rugby guy and we weren’t certain whether or not the Aussie would make the team anyway. The point is it was one start. San Fran didn’t have Nick Bosa or Solomon Thomas. That isn’t Mailata’s fault, but it does make a difference. Sure, it’s time that Philly moves on Jason Peters, but let’s give this thing a few weeks before we go stir crazy.