Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jalen Reagor receives an unexpected nod

Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles (18) Credit: Imagn Images photo poolNews Eagles Vs Rams
Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles (18) Credit: Imagn Images photo poolNews Eagles Vs Rams /

Despite his absence, Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jalen Reagor’s praise is endless.

It’s hard to imagine how it’s possible, but despite sitting on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ injured reserve with about ten of his teammates (well nine if you don’t include Vinny Curry as he’s in his practice window and could return soon), rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor‘s praise just keeps on coming from football pundits.

Did you hear the pin drop where you are? How many of you find it easy to forget that Jalen Reagor is still on this team sometimes? Well, there is that portion of the fan base that looks at any success that Justin Jefferson has with the Minnesota Vikings or any D.K. Metcalf highlight with the Seattle Seahawks and thinks about Reagor or JJ Arcega-Whiteside in an unflattering fashion.

This isn’t about that though. Despite Reagor’s injury, the word that keeps getting mentioned is ‘potential’, and perhaps it’s Reagor’s potential that got him mentioned by one of the most trusted voices in all of the NFL.

Here’s a nice nod for the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2020 first-round selection.

Recently, the stat gurus over at Pro Football Focus released their list ranking all of those rookie wide receivers that we had been talking about since the season closed in 2019. The list takes the first five weeks of the 2020 NFL season into account, and Jalen Reagor, despite being injured and having only hauled in five receptions in the two games he’s played in during the current season is ranked 13th.

Here’s some of what Sosa Kremenjas, the writer of this one, had to say.

"Reagor was a tough evaluation, as he’s totaled only 67 receiving snaps, but Philly’s first-round draft pick has already displayed some of the vertical ability that made him such a high selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. Reagor’s 18.8-yard average depth of target ranks fourth, his 19.2 receiving yards per reception ranks fifth and his 6.6 yards after the catch per reception ranks eighth among all rookie receivers. Reagor has registered a 100 percent catch rate on catchable passes, but the small sample sizes make it difficult to truly evaluate him."

Just in case you’re curious, the Dallas Cowboys’ CeeDee lamb finished first, and Justin Jefferson, a man quite a few Eagles fans wanted, landed at number two. Take that however you want, but here’s what we can say definitively. No one will stop comparing any of these guys any time soon. That’s if they ever stop doing so.