4 Philadelphia Eagles this team can shop to other NFL franchises

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Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

. . . Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle. 1. player. 54

Might the Philadelphia Eagles consider a little addition by subtraction?

Oh, they’ll never do it, so to some extent, the thought of mentioning the name Fletcher Cox and the word ‘trade’ in the same sentence seems ridiculous. There’s another theory that actually makes sense as well. On a team that seems to be starved for talent, why on Earth would that team get rid of their best player? On the surface, it seems like a dumb idea, right?

You can also make a few other statements, and they make sense as well. Why wouldn’t you, at least, see what the market is? The ‘Birds’ have a ton of holes, but the area that they appear to be in the best shape is at defensive tackle. They have Malik Jackson and Javon Hargrave and even nice role players like Hassan Ridgeway.

Fletcher Cox is a team captain, but he isn’t a vocal leader, something this team needs and can’t find now that Malcolm Jenkins is gone. Fletcher Cox is one of the NFL’s best at his position. He’s also, seemingly, not what he once was.

Think about what was then the Oakland Raiders moving on from Khalil Mack. Think about Jimmy Jones taking over with the Dallas Cowboys and trading Hershel Walker. Philly may not be as desperate as either one of those teams, but they’re close.

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Moving on from Cox sounds like blasphemy, but on a team that needs players and draft picks, he might be one of the only guys that can get this team a trade where they come out on the other side as the winners, seeing as how there are no plans to trade Carson Wentz. It’s probably a dumb idea, but all options need to be examined at this point.