Philadelphia Eagles: Grades for every assistant coaching change in 2020

Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Marty Mornhinweg, Philadelphia Eagles
Marty Mornhinweg, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /

How are those new Philadelphia Eagles coaches doing in your eyes?

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No one expected the Philadelphia Eagles to be undefeated after six weeks of NFL football, but no one expected a 1-3-1 win-loss total or for their impending sixth game to look like it’s shaping up to be a blowout loss at home either.

Sure, you can blame Howie Roseman, and he probably deserves it. Who takes a project quarterback in the second round of any NFL Draft after inking the franchise signal-caller to a long-term deal just months earlier?

Roseman has two jobs that we care about. He’s supposed to find the talent. He’s supposed to manage the cap, and he hasn’t done either job particularly well. He isn’t totally to blame for this though.

Philly needed a cornerback, and he got one (Darius Slay). Philly needed linebackers and wide receivers, and he drafted the guys that he thought could do the job. Now, if those guys aren’t performing, is that a Howie Roseman problem or is that evidence of bad coaching and an inability to coach the young guys and new guys up? That’s what we’re here to find out.

The Eagles announced a ton of coaching changes back in February. Almost six games are in the books. Let’s hand out a few report cards, shall we? Here are grades for those changes your favorite team made almost nine months ago. This ought to be fun.