Philadelphia Eagles enthusiast loses control as fans return in Week 6

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Well, it didn’t take long for one Philadelphia Eagles fan to show off that ‘passion’.

It’s been a debate for as long as long as fans have been piling into Lincoln Financial Field to watch Philadelphia Eagles games. No, wait. That isn’t true, so let’s back up. It’s a debate that actually goes back to the days of Veteran’s Stadium. Are Eagles fans passionate or just a deranged bunch of lunatics?

Those of you who are a little younger than the rest of us won’t remember much about ‘The Vet’ other than the stories, but if you never attended an Eagles game there, you missed a treat. Every week, there were tests of wills, the loss of control, and even physical violence. Oh, and games were played there too.

There was the ‘500 level’. That’s where the rough and tough Eagles fans sat. You know, the blue-collar guys (and gals). Tickets were less expensive so the blue-collar people could afford them, but you didn’t want to walk through there with the other team’s jersey on.

There was also a jail cell and a judge who worked during the game. If you got totally out of control, you could be locked up on site at the stadium. ‘The Linc’, for the most part, hasn’t had those same issues, but based on what happened at the stadium in Week 6, they may want to think about the jail cell.

A Philadelphia Eagles fan loses control and is caught on camera.

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Prior to Week 6’s home game, ‘Birds’ fans learned that a small number of Eagles fans would be welcomed back to the stadium. About 7.500 people were in the building, and about 6,000 of that number represented fans who could snuggle in next to one of those cardboard cutouts and add to the artificial noise that permeated through the stadium.

One of those Eagles enthusiasts saw fit to throw a few punches and get himself caught on camera. Take a look.

Come on man! Really? How does this help your team play better or win a game?

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Welp, maybe it’s to be expected. It’s Philadelphia, and this is an Eagles fan. While ‘The Linc’ may not display the same rowdiness or draw the same types of crowds that the ‘Vet used to, stuff like this won’t help stop the stories about those zany ‘Birds’ fans.

So far, there’s been no word about whether or not Jeffrey Lurie will instll that jail cell, but in all seriousness, stuff like this can’t happen. Come on sir! Lets try and do better. Nothing at a game should make you this angry.