Philadelphia Eagles fans won’t like what Jamon Brown did after that loss

Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

You’ll never guess what Jamon Brown did after that Philadelphia Eagles loss.

Before anything is said, let’s get a few things understood because they’ll be important to this story if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Despite the fact that just about every NFL player has been reduced to simply being points on your Fantasy football team or a rating on your Madden Ultimate Team, these are real people with real lives. Football is their job, and just like you, when the workday is over, they punch the clock and carry on with their lives.

That doesn’t excuse what Jamon Brown did following a Week 6 loss by the ‘Birds’ at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s a spoiler. If you love the Eagles and have for a long time, cover the eyes of your children.

One of the newer Philadelphia Eagles follows a bad game with a questionable decision.

In Week 6, Jamon Brown was awful. He was a turnstile. No seriously, this was as bad as what we saw from Jordan Mailata during Eagles camp or what we saw from Halapoulivaati Vaitai in his debut as a starter versus the Washington Football Team when he stepped in to fill the void left by Lane Johnson and got abused by Ryan Kerrigan all game long.

Brown is credited with allowing nine pressures and three sacks on Carson Wentz in Week 6. That isn’t the ideal performance, right? So, what did he do as a response? He decided to grab the opposing quarterback, Lamar Jackson, and flick it up postgame. Oh, you missed that one huh? Don’t worry. There’s evidence.

On the surface, that doesn’t look like much. Sure, they both went to Louisville. Again, this is only a job for these guys, but following your first game, one where you were probably the weakest link on an even weaker chain, this is what one might refer to as a ‘bad look’.

This is the equivalent of allowing a first down but popping up and celebrating because a knockout shot was delivered. This is a ten-second touchdown dance after scoring and lessening the gap to 21 points. This is like seeing the losing team dancing on the sideline. No, this is worse than all of that. This is like dumping your fiance and trying to get her sister on the phone 15 minutes later.

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Jamon Brown may not be an Eagle long. He may have one foot in the door and one foot on the outside. Philly found him on the Chicago Bears practice squad for goodness sakes, so we get it. He saw one of the NFL’s brightest stars and wanted to flick it up for his Instagram account. We’re glad the ‘Birds’ made this possible for you Jamon! Hey, here’s an idea. Instead of shooting an album cover why not grab the iPad and study some tape? It doesn’t matter. This dude won’t be here too much longer.