5 Potential 2021 Carson Wentz replacements, if you still aren’t convinced

Carson Wentz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Carson Wentz
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Jalen Hurts, Birds. 1. player. 54. . .

If Carson isn’t the guy, someone who is already in the organization might be.

Let’s say that the ‘Wentz Wagon’ breaks down and the wheels fall off. Let’s say, Heaven forbid, that Carson Wentz gets hurt again or he stays healthy but is unable to lead the ‘Birds’ to the playoffs even though he plays in the NFL’s weakest division (a division where Dak Prescott missed almost three months of football).

Sure, we’re all in a great headspace now, but what if any of that happens? Are you saying that you wouldn’t be concerned? Not even a little?

Just for a second, let’s take our emotions out of the argument. We’ve been lied to by Howie Roseman and this Eagles organization before. What if Jalen Hurts being drafted really did mean more than everyone said that it did?

What if he does represent some level of insurance? What? Did you think Philly would draft Hurts with the knowledge that he might be Philly’s quarterback of the future and then go say that publicly? Right now, Carson Wentz is safe. Right now, Carson Wentz has the trust of most of the fan base and much of the Philly media, but what about three months from now? A lot can change in three months, especially in the NFL.

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If it does, here are a few fair statements. One, Carson Wentz could fall out of favor, Second, if he does, it’s going to be important that the Philadelphia Eagles do all that they can to ensure that they’re weighing all of the possibilities at the quarterback position. Third, if both of those statements prove to be accurate, then, the best option the Eagles have in terms of a replacement might be the guy the took 53rd overall in 2020’s NFL Draft.