Philadelphia Eagles debate table: Was ignoring Justin Jefferson a mistake?

Justin Jefferson (Mandatory Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports)
Justin Jefferson (Mandatory Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Heather Khalifa-Pool/Getty Images) /

Try and be patient Philadelphia Eagles fans, Reagor will be fine.

Once the pick was in, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement, and the news broke that Jalen Reagor was Philly’s pick at 21 and not Jefferson, there were a few moans in the fan base and among the media, but everyone knew why Philly made the decision that they made.

The belief was, while many would have stated that Justin Jefferson was probably a better player and more NFL ready at the time, Reagor was probably the better fit for what the Eagles wanted to do offense. Now, you can argue about that all day, but that was, without question, the theory.

Reagor’s speed is intriguing, especially for a team that lacked seed on offense in 2019. Reagor may also be the most versatile player. He can return punts. He can line up in both the slot receiver position, and he can line up on the outside of the offensive formation. Philly’s coaches like that.

Often we hear the Eagles’ coaches discuss ‘positionless players’ on both offense and defense, and though the offense seems to lack imagination if they can ever get all of these weapons healthy and on the field, Carson Wentz and company might be fun to watch.

It’s easy to get frustrated as an Eagles fan, especially seeing as how Jefferson is available and playing and Reagor isn’t. It’s also easy to get irritated because Howie Roseman completely whiffed on D.K. Metcalf in 2019 and, instead, took JJ Arcega-Whiteside, but Eagles fans need to be patient here.

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Reagor will be fine, but he has to get healthy. If he ever gets healthy, the ‘Birds’ have something. Once upon a time, there was a question about whether or not Boston Scott was ‘the next Darren Sproles’. In actuality, ‘the next Darren Sproles’ may actually play the wide receiver position. ’18’ is going to be just fine.