3 Philadelphia Eagles questions surrounding remainder of 2020 season

Boston Scott #35, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)
Boston Scott #35, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /
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2. Are the Philadelphia Eagles going to be buyers or sellers?

This has been a talking point for the Eagles’ fan base recently. Before we get into how the general manager and vice president Howie Roseman will attack the upcoming trade deadline, let’s first break down the situation they’re in.

The Eagles have a lot of expensive and aging veterans on this roster, and many of them are unavailable. The ‘Iggles’ are also in dire straits at the linebacker position and along the offensive line. Philly is also projected to be 60 million dollars over the cap next year, so they can probably be factored out of discussions like the rumors that the New Orleans Saints might be shopping wide receiver, Michael Thomas.

So, to answer the question about whether or not the Eagles are going to be buyers or sellers, the truth is there’s still a chance that the Eagles will fall under both categories. Again, Philly is 2-4-1, so the NFC East is still open for the taking. Players will get healthy and return, but don’t rule out Roseman making some deals to help make this team more competitive.

Who might the Eagles put on the trade block though? It’s no secret that Philly has been shopping Alshon Jeffery. Multiple reports have confirmed that Roseman has been actively trying to get him out of town, but so far, there have been no takers. Another potential trade candidate might be Derek Barnett. The Eagles have picked up his fifth-year option which means Barnett will represent a cap hit of over ten million dollars.