Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas: 10 Cowboys that can wreck Week 8

Demarcus Lawrence (Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports)
Demarcus Lawrence (Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Greg Ward Jr. #84, Philadelphia Eagles
Greg Ward Jr. #84, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t expect a walkthrough in Week 8.

Even the most die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan should be able to acknowledge a few things if he or she takes their emotions out of the argument. One, though it’s easy to appreciate every ‘Birds’ victory, it’s hard not to be realistic about what you’re seeing. Philly’s first victory of 2020’s NFL season came against a San Francisco 49ers team that was void of several of their game-changers.

Had guys like Solomon Thomas and Nick Bosa played, things could have gone differently, and if C.J. Beathard started over Nick Mullens, the result might have been different.

Then, there’s this. There’s no reason why the Eagles should have had to rally to beat the New York Giants or why they should have tied with the Cincinnati Bengals. All that’s been said to say this. It’s easy to believe that Philadelphia won’t make things easy on themselves during their first meeting with the Dallas Cowboys in 2020.

This is a rivalry game in Week 8, and regardless of what Dallas has done or hasn’t done in the first half of their season, they’re very capable of making sure Sunday Night Football in Week 8 won’t be a walkthrough for the ‘Birds’. Here are ten Cowboys who are fully capable of wrecking everything.