Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys: A very weird stat from Week 8

Carson Wentz (11), Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit Imagn Images photo pool
Carson Wentz (11), Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit Imagn Images photo pool /

How many Philadelphia Eagles fans woke up thinking of Don Shula?

Here’s something that can be guaranteed if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, even if most of us have never met each other personally. When you woke up this morning, the 1982 AFC Championship Game never crossed your mind, now did it?

It’s probably safe to say that the late and great Don Shula never crossed your mind either. Neither did the old Miami Orange Bowl, or Dolphins quarterback David Woodley, or New York Jets quarterback Richard Todd.

Why is any of that important? It’s simple. Sports connects generations, and great writers tie things together that we didn’t always think of. Take CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr for instance. He had the aforementioned AFC Championship Game on his mind when he woke up on an Eagles ‘Victory Monday’.

If you want to know how bad the Dallas Cowboys are look at this stat (thank Kerr for digging this one up). Ladies and gentlemen, the Cowboys aren’t just bad. They’re historically bad, and for the first time since January 23rd of 1983, they made the Eagles the only NFL team to have played in a game where they had under 250 total yards passing, four turnovers, four sacks and won anyway. Do you see where this is headed?

Don’t just take our word for it though. Have a look for yourself. This one comes courtesy of Kerr’s Twitter account.

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan and you’re upset, you’re not alone.

This kind of makes you stop and think for a second though, doesn’t it? We can argue over whether or not Carson Wentz should have had to rally versus a bad New York Giants team and why he’s been so awful all season, but during Week 8’s Sunday Night Football Game, there’s no denying that ’11’ was again awful and his team won anyway. Thank goodness they were playing Dallas.

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He missed throws. He added four more turnovers to an already ugly resume, and he seems oblivious to the issues. So, if you’re upset about the fact that the Eagles won in Week 8 are in first place and fans are still a tad perturbed, don’t be. That’s the reason why. It’s called perspective. Laughing this off or acting as though there’s no issue or nothing to worry about would make you more of a Cowboys fan than an Eagles fanatic.