Do these Philadelphia Eagles remind you of Brett Brown’s 76ers?

Brett Brown, Josh Richardson (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Brett Brown, Josh Richardson (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, some of this has to look familiar.

This isn’t how any of this was supposed to go. Once upon a time, this Philadelphia Eagles team was supposed to be a serious contender for a second Vince Lombardi Trophy. They had a cute slogan that they came up with during their victory parade (the new norm). They had a star-studded roster, a general manager that was willing to do anything to bring the best talent to town, and a frosty-haired coach who was supposed to tie it all together for years to come.

Not even three years after that parade, that slogan doesn’t mean what it once did. The ‘new norm’ involves constant injuries, medical staff firings, underachieving, bad decisions by that frosty-haired coach, and unexplainable losses. Every time this team plays, it looks like it’s the first time that they’ve ever seen each other.

Yes, Philadelphia Eagles fans, unfortunately, this gets worse.

How about that general manager? After all, he won an award and Oh, he’s lost his touch. He seemingly knows nothing about managing a salary cap or evaluating talent and speaking of talent, those draftees he brings in aren’t cutting it. As a result, everyone’s favorite G.M. is always seemingly one two-game losing streak away from having an effigy hung outside of Lincoln Financial Field.

We won’t even get into the talent. When they’re not bashing each other anonymously as every ‘Birds’ fan saw in 2019, it’s almost impossible to get everyone on the field at the same time as the biggest stars are injury-prone.

Oh well. It doesn’t matter because even if everyone can show up for a game, there’s no chemistry from the stars, and to make matters worse, some of this team’s biggest disappointments (Nelson Agholor) can go somewhere else and have success (the Las Vegas Raiders). Stop us if you’re an NBA fan and any of this sounds familiar.

The Philadelphia Eagles have become Brett Brown’s 76ers.

If you’re traveling on South 11th Street in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, about five minutes from Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, sits the Wells Fargo Center, the home venue of the Philadelphia 76ers. Their fans have been enduring the exact same things that ‘Birds’ fans are facing, and what’s worse is they haven’t even gotten a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy to show for it.

They too had a slogan (trust the process). They intentionally went on losing streaks in an attempt to secure high draft picks that would help them secure long-term dominance. It didn’t work, and honestly, it was never going to work as long as their G.M. picked the wrong guys.

The Sixers are also enduring some roster issues of their own. They gave JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler away. Their two biggest stars on the current roster, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have a chemistry that’s so bad they make Carson Wentz and DeSean Jackson look like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana (and we’re not even sure if they like one another). The 76ers also have a new coach, Doc Rivers. that’s because they fired the last one.

Before Rivers arrived, the Doug Pederson role was being played by Brett Brown, a coach that refused to hold his biggest stars accountable. Does that sound familiar?

If you think Carson Wentz is being coddled, just look at what goes on with Simmons and Embiid. They’ve been given a license to do whatever, Brown acted as if he was afraid of them, and now, it’s almost as if no one in the organization wants to hold anyone accountable for fear of offending someone.

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Sheesh. Where are Buddy Ryan and Larry Brown when you need them? It sucks to be a Philly sports fan sometimes, but our fathers were Eagles and Sixers fans too, so this is the deal folks, at least for now. Hopefully, things will change soon.