5 Philadelphia Eagles who have been disappointments so far in 2020

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That ‘fearless’ Philadelphia Eagles head coach has become fearful.

Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson has had his share of ups and downs, but it looks like he’s in a slump. Pederson still has the respect of his team as they are always continuing to fight even when the chips are stacked against them, but a lot of the Eagles’ offensive struggles this year tie directly to the job that the fifth-year head coach is doing.

With all the coaching changes made this offseason, Coach Pederson was clear on making this offense unique and unpredictable. So far, the exact opposite of that has happened. Vanilla play schemes, bad time management, and redundant play calling have put this team behind the chains almost as much as quarterback Carson Wentz.

For a guy who wrote a book titled ‘Fearless,’ his play-calling has been one of the most conservative in the league. Injuries always play a factor when dialing up a game plan, but at this point, fans should expect the Super Bowl-winning head coach to be able to scheme around the injuries and still make this team competitive.

The one thing that rings true is no one can count out Pederson or the Philadelphia Eagles. They have turned their luck around in back-to-back seasons, reaching the playoffs both times. Coach Pederson and his staff have a lot of work to do during their time off. Let’s hope the second-half turnaround trend continues.