5 Philadelphia Eagles who have been disappointments so far in 2020

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Can the Philadelphia Eagles’ franchise quarterback turn things around?

Oftentimes, Eagles fans have agreed that it didn’t matter who got hurt as long as Carson Wentz was under center, but now Eagles fans everywhere can agree that Carson Wentz is the biggest disappointment of Philly’s 2020 regular season so far.

This was always going to be a huge year for Wentz, but the beating that the fifth-year veteran has taken both figuratively and literally has made a tough season even tougher to watch. That’s no excuse for those areas where Wentz has had control over though.

Wentz has almost as many interceptions on his 2020 resume as he has had over the course of the past two seasons. His mechanics are greatly regressing, and his inability to know when a play is dead makes this offense painful and almost impossible to believe in.

Eagles fans have seen flashes of Wentz’s tremendous upside, but that has yet to happen over the course of four consecutive quarters. If most of his supporting cast can return after the bye week, which most assume it will, Wentz must understand that what he’s contributing isn’t acceptable. He can turn things around though.

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Wentz, Pederson, and the rest of the Eagles franchise have a lot of soul searching and work ahead of their Week 10 matchup versus the New York Giants. They’re getting healthy, and hopefully, the rest this team will get during their time off can allow them to wake up and become the team that Philadelphia Eagles fans have been waiting for all season.