Here’s something Philadelphia Eagles fans never noticed about their logo

Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

How many Philadelphia Eagles fans feel like they have too much free time?

Is anyone else feeling a little downtrodden? Perhaps the most excruciating week of any Philadelphia Eagles regular season is the one where there’s no game to play. Yep, it’s bye week! That’s when you get all of that stuff done that your significant other has been asking you to do for weeks. You wash your car. You clean up, or you can do what Birds fans all over the country are doing.

You enjoy a week of football where you don’t have to stress out or feel like your favorite team is trying to make you throw something at your television set. Here’s to watching the Dallas Cowboys get blown out by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9!

Here’s something you may not have noticed about the Philadelphia Eagles logo.

Speaking of having too much free time, here’s something the ITI staff dug up on YouTube. Maybe you’ve noticed this before. Maybe you haven’t, but of the 32 NFL franchises, there’s only one whose logo actually faces left. Guess who that franchise is.

Here’s the reason why that’s the case. Again, maybe you’re aware of this. Maybe you aren’t, but if you’re a die-hard Birds fan, you know Swoop’s beak faces left, and at the back of his head, his feathers are actually shaped like the letter E. You have to look closely, but if you do, you’ll be able to make it out.

Check out this video courtesy of TPS’s official YouTube channel. It includes a little background and a pretty sweet history lesson.

Yes, we know. We know. Knowing that someone took the time to write this one and several thousand people have dedicated five minutes of their time to watch this video is evidence of two things. We’re all somewhere between boredom and the need to see the Birds back on the football field as quickly as possible.

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Until then, here’s an idea. We can just watch the Cowboys game, hope for a loss while flipping over to that tilt between the New York Giants and Washington Football Team. Maybe all three teams will look terrible. That’s all you can hope for seeing as how we can’t get both the Giants and Washington to lose their game versus one another.