10 Unsung Philadelphia Eagles and how they can help a playoff push

Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Which offensive weapons will the Philadelphia Eagles utilize?

Whether or not you want Jalen Hurts to start at quarterback, it’s unlikely to happen with Carson Wentz’s contract situation. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bench Wentz for a drive or two if these struggles continue just to give him a wake-up call. Hopefully, the bye week gave Wentz and the coaches some time to figure things out. As for Hurts, it feels like the Eagles are just scratching the surface with the possibilities with him as a gadget player.

It feels like Pederson tries to get a little too fancy at times with the play calls with Hurts but there have still been some positive gains. Hurts’ presence alone keeps the defense guessing since he brings the threat of throwing the ball. Don’t be surprised if they try more reverses with Hurts at the receiver position. Even if the defense sniffs out the pass, Hurts can still scramble for a few yards off of it. The read-option game has also kept the offense moving downfield. Hurts has a little more speed than Wentz which keeps the edge rusher from being too aggressive on it. Maybe Pederson can run some more RPOs with Hurts as he gets more comfortable in the offenses.

Pederson is likely going to show defenses the same looks that he has shown with the Hurts package thus far. He’s already done it with the reverses. On Miles Sanders 74-yard touchdown versus the Baltimore Ravens, Hurts came around on the fake reverse and the defense had to contain the edge giving Sanders more space in the middle.

Against the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles faked the handoff inside to Boston Scott and faked the reverse to Hurts. Wentz scanned the field and then came back to the other side of the field on a designed screen to Scott for a big gain. Teams have some film on the Hurts packages and Pederson is great at running new plays off of the same looks. We’ll see if he does more of it with Hurts in the remaining eight games.