Are all of these Philadelphia Eagles injuries some sort of karma?

Buddy Ryan, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Bernstein Associates/Getty Images)
Buddy Ryan, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Bernstein Associates/Getty Images) /

Maybe this is all the result of karma if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Here’s a question for Philadelphia Eagles fans. Have you ever just sat around and thought about the concept of karma? Merriam-Webster defines it as a ‘force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence’. Yeah, that’s a lot.

How does that relate to the Birds you ask? It’s simple actually. Once upon a time, the Philadelphia Eagles played their home games in Veteran’s Stadium, and on November 12th of 1990, something transpired that will live in Eagles lore forever, the Body Bag Game.

It was on that night that then-head coach Buddy Ryan‘s bunch made good on his proclamation that Washington would ‘have to be carted off in body bags’. Philly won by a 28-14 margin. Fast forward to the present and Philly can’t seem to keep guys on the field. Every year since 2017, it’s been the same thing. Doug Pederson just can’t field a team where everyone this team is supposed to rely on is present. Coincidence? Maybe not. Bad luck? Maybe so. Either way, here’s the skinny.

This team sure gets hurt a lot, and when you’re coming off a bye week, as the Eagles and their fans are in Week 10 of 2020’s season, it becomes easy to let the imagination wander, even if the belief is that Alshon Jeffery, and Miles Sanders, and Isaac Seumalo could all return for Week 10’s game.

Don’t let this bother you too much if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Naturally, this is all a joke (sort of). It’s hard to believe the football gods are punishing this Eagles era. Maybe if karma is at work for something that Buddy Ryan did there’s a strong possibility that it actually had its day a long time go.

During the NFL Playoffs that followed the 1990 season, Washington returned to The Vet and demolished the Birds by a 20-6 margin in the Wild Card Round. One year later, in the first game of the 1991 season, Bryce Paup went low on Randall Cunningham and shredded his knee. Season over.

Cunningham would lead Philly to a 4-0 start in 1993 before he again suffered a season-ending injury. Wow. What could have been with that team had they stayed healthy, right? Most of the guys that are playing now have no recollection of a November game on Monday Night Football in 1990, so stating the constant game of musical chairs with this Eagles roster in 2018, 2019, and now is a result of the Body Bag Game is a bit of a stretch (maybe).

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Pin this one on Howie Roseman. It’s his fault for making bad decisions in the draft. Blame him for signing too many old guys to long deals that cost the team too much money.  It’s because of those decisions that the Birds have to mask those snafus with the signing of aging veterans. Those decisions are a good reason why every week, guys are carted off. Remember, the old guys get hurt faster and take longer to heal. Then again, it is hard to believe that all of these hiccups are freak occurrences. Maybe Philly is getting paid back for something.