Philadelphia Eagles versus New York Giants: 5 Week 10 subplots to watch

Greg Ward (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool)
Greg Ward (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool) /
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Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles
Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports /

This isn’t a walkthrough for this Philadelphia Eagles team.

Simply put, it’s a rivalry game. The Philadelphia Eagles can’t fall asleep behind the wheel here. It didn’t cost them last time. This time, it might.

5. You do remember that these guys almost beat the Birds right?

Here’s the skinny. The Eagles have been suckers on defense for reverse plays all season. Had Daniel Jones not been clumsy, he would have scored on one in Week 7. Birds fans everywhere are also still talking about how fortunate the Eagles were that Evan Engram dropped a pass that could have been one of the daggers of the first meeting between these two proud franchises in 2020.

2 Reasons the Eagles won’t lose NFC East. light. Trending

Let’s make long stories short. 11 has to take care of the ball. Philly’s defense can’t pray for mishaps by the Giants offense. Doug Pederson and his coaches have to be better. That especially goes for Jim Schwartz. If the Eagles falter as they did so often in Week 7, we’re going to be breaking down another loss when this one is over. If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you have to hope that doesn’t happen.