Philadelphia Eagles: One zany Carson Wentz trade proposal

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool) /

Well here’s a trade proposal that no Philadelphia Eagles fan saw coming.

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’ve probably resigned yourself to a couple of theories about your favorite football team. One is this. The Carson Wentz discussions are never going to end, at least until he wins a Super Bowl or, at minimum, strings together a couple of deep playoff runs.

So, if you’re tired of hearing people bash him, get over it. You’re only going to stress yourselves out. If you don’t want to hear any more Carson Wentz versus Nick Foles discussions, just stay off of social media. You’ll just find yourselves in arguments on Twitter with people that you don’t know, most of whom have about three followers on the platform.

With that being said, someone that we all know a little better proposed a trade idea that no one saw coming recently. Be forewarned, depending on what side you’re on in the Wentz debate, this one will either enrage you or raise your antenna.

Philadelphia Eagles fans may never see Joe DeCamara as 11’s biggest fan.

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan and say you’re putting together a Carson Wentz fan club, don’t call 94 WIP-FM in Philadelphia and ask for Joe DeCamara’s number. He’s not going to be one of your charter members. You probably won’t get your phone calls returned.

Recently, he proposed a trade on his highly-popular Midday Show with Jon Ritchie that involved both Carson Wentz and the New York Jets’ signal-caller, Sam Darnold. Here’s a quote:

"I’ll go right on the record and say this right now, and I know a lot of people will find this (to be) crazy. I’ll just say it. I don’t know that he’s a better option, but if the Eagles were presented with the opportunity to trade Wentz for Darnold right now, I would (do so) because here’s what I know. Wentz is not going to be good for the next seven or eight years. maybe Darnold is, maybe. So yeah, I would take my chances."

Now, before all of you Carson Wentz haters hit the correct buzzer, keep a few things in mind. Following an interesting discussion that ESPN’s First Take had with Brett Favre, one where Favre said that he would have kept Nick Foles over 11, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, a good friend of Favre’s (and his former backup) responded, saying Favre is ‘entitled to his opinion’ but Philly is riding with Wentz.

Will Wentz be the Eagles quarterback three years from now? No one knows the answer to that. Will the Jets take Trevor Lawrence if they land the first-overall selection and he’s available? No one knows the answer to that either. It has been a topic of discussion.

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For now, just keep a few things in mind. This fan base will always be split on QB1. The Birds are stubborn, so even if they knew that they were wrong, they’d never admit to it. History has taught us that (see JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Mack Hollins). It’s an interesting theory. It may even spark a few rumors but come on guys and gals. We all know that this one isn’t happening.