2021 Philadelphia Eagles offseason predictions for every offensive position

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Yong Kim-Pool/Getty Images)
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Yong Kim-Pool/Getty Images) /
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Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles will have to say goodbye to some vested veterans.

The Philadelphia Eagles will have to make some tough choices this upcoming offseason. No, the current season isn’t over, but that it’s hard not to look ahead. How long is Doug Pederson’s leash? Should Carson Wentz be on the hot seat? What about all of those 2021 cap issues?

Here’s a quick recap of what we know already before we get into some offseason predictions. Next year’s salary cap will be affected by the loss of revenue that COVID-19 helped create. Currently, next year’s cap number is right around 176 million dollars, 22 million less than this season’s number.

This season, the Eagles have the fifth-most cap space out of any team in the league, at just over 23 million. In 2021, they’re scheduled to be 60 million dollars over the salary cap. That’s second to only the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop there for the Eagles. Philly, despite their ‘youth movement’, has a ton of aging and expensive veterans on their roster.

So, what does this all mean? Simply put, the ‘Iggles’ need to get younger and cheaper with the quickness. A win-now mentality has forced them to over-commit to aging players, some of which were already past their prime, so now, it’s time to talk about possible cap casualties and guys that this team could move on from. Here are a few way-too-early predictions on what might transpire with the offense.