Proof that Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce is indeed human

Jason Kelce (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Jason Kelce (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Philadelphia Eagles’ iron man actually left the field of play today.

Ladies and gentlemen, Philadelphia Eagles legend and three-time Pro Bowler Jason Kelce is human. Following a week where the majority of conversation surrounding him focused on bad snaps and the possibility of him retiring (a topic that hasn’t been brought up since the most recent offseason), the author of the greatest speech in the history of victory parades did something you never see if you’re a Birds fan.

He left the field of playing during a game. Yes Eagles fans, Mr. Kelce is human. An elbow injury forced him to the sideline in the second quarter, and though he refused to enter that infamous blue medical tent, he eventually left the field to head into the locker room early.

Some of you may have thought that the next man up at center would be Isaac Seumalo, but it was actually undrafted rookie Luke Juriga that came in to relieve Philly’s three-time First-team All-Pro. Birds fans everywhere are psyched. Take a look.

Here’s a little more info on this one if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Jason Kelce is to Philly’s offense what former Birds safety Malcolm Jenkins was to this team’s defense, an iron man that never comes off of the field. Kelce hasn’t missed an offensive snap since the 2018 regular season, and even then, he was still on the field for 95 percent of the offensive snaps.

The same can be said for the 2017 season where Kelce’s only time off came in the regular-season finale. The Birds were resting their starters in that one for a playoff run.

After being on the field for every offensive play in 2019, Kelce has again been on the field for every play Philly’s offense has scrimmaged during the 2020 regular-season campaign. Philly’s offensive line was shuffled again as the six-foot-four, 295-pound Juriga took over as the team’s anchor following Kelce’s injury.

There was no need to worry though. Philly’s version of Tony Starks was back for Philly’s first snap of the second half. Come on. Are you even surprised? Again, depending on how you look at it, Kelce is human or an alien. Then again, he might be a little of both.