5 Philadelphia Eagles legends who probably won’t be on their 2021 roster

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Jason Kelce. . player. 54. . .

This Philadelphia Eagles offensive line is going to look different next season.

Okay, we get it. Jason Kelce is always talking about retiring right? What makes this year any different? Those are a couple of fair questions, but if you’ve really been paying attention to what Kelce says and his body language, this does feel different. This feels like the final year of what’s been a legendary career.

Remember the most recent offseason? Remember all that talk about loving the comradery but feeling like the job itself sucks? Those are statements that have been made by quite a few NFL stars during the league’s 101-year history. They just haven’t been stated by Jason Kelce in the way that he’s been expressing them.

Sure, we still get his best effort on game days but make no mistake about it. The man who has anchored Philly’s offensive line for ten seasons might be at the point where he’s ready to call it a career. Then, once he does, it will be time to remember him differently.

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We’ll always remember the Mummers outfit and the speech at the victory parade. We’ll remember the Pro Bowls. Every time we see the number 62, we’ll think about him. Jason Kelce is a shoo-in for the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame, but in all honesty, we might want to start looking at him in a different light. Quietly, he’s demonstrated that he deserves a spot in Canton Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you disagree with that, you just haven’t been paying attention.