Philadelphia Eagles DC Jim Schwartz backs Doug Pederson

Jim Schwartz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jim Schwartz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The years pass, and the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t learning from their mistakes.

No one wants to admit this now, but once upon a time, there was a contingent in the Philadelphia Eagles‘ fan base that believed it was Jim Schwartz, not Doug Pederson, that should lead this team. Stop laughing. Don’t act like you didn’t hear the same stories, and please don’t act like you didn’t say this if you’re one of the guilty parties.

Hey, we all make mistakes. It’s called life. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. That’s some A-1 advice that will take you far if you apply it, and come to think of it, that’s some advice the Philadelphia Eagles’ entire organization can learn from. From the top of this organization to its bottom, it’s inexcusable how often the same things keep happening.

Contrary to rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles’ coaching staff is on the same page.

the Eagles are closing in on the end of a rough season that may result in a top-five draft selection, but no one believes that Howie Roseman will choose the right guy. The NFC East is still up for grabs, but no one believes the Birds could win a playoff game if they get there.

In-game adjustments are never made. Every position group has let this fan base, the media, and this team down (outside of the defensive ends). Every coach on that roster should be called into question. No coach is under a larger microscope than the leader though, but there’s a bright side if you’re Doug Pederson (even though there are rumors that he wouldn’t mind getting fired). His assistants have his back.

On the Tuesday leading up to Week 14’s game versus the New Orleans Saints, Philly’s defensive coordinator, Schwartz, met with the Philly media, and here’s some of what he had to say.

"I think the whole staff has Doug’s back. We know what he’s going through and we feel the pressure on ourselves to go do our jobs better to take some of the heat off of him. I think that’s what a good staff does… Doug’s had our back in the past. We have his back. I think it all works together that way. I just think everybody needs to be more efficient at their job. I think everybody needs to recognize their part in (the team’s lack of success in 2020)."

It’s hard to know what to say after that. Changes can be made, but what then? Who do you bring in? What if Philly kept Doug but gave him some better assistants? What if they fired Schwartz? what if the Birds just got rid of Howie, and they got a guy who knew how to get Doug some better players? What if they kept Carson Wentz but they just got a better quarterback coach?

The theories are endless, but so is the uncertainty. It wasn’t two years ago when everyone said that this was an organization that had it together and knew what they were doing. Now, this is closer to a dumpster fire than a model franchise.

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Philly has a lot to figure out, but maybe Coach Schwartz said it best. ‘We can do our part better to help out the offense, to help out the head coach, help out the team’. That’s a theory that everyone in this organization can learn from, not just the assistant coaches on the defensive side of the ball.