Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Concerns surrounding their Week 14 matchup

Avonte Maddox #29, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Avonte Maddox #29, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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2. How will the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense score on the Saints’ defense?

One of the advantages that the Philadelphia Eagles have over the Saints is the fact that New Orleans doesn’t have much of a sample size of Hurts to use in preparation. If the Eagles play to Hurt’s strengths (which we all hope they do), we can expect to see different formations and packages.

If the Saints employ a single high safety and use someone as a spy, the meat and potatoes of Hurt’s throws should be made inside the numbers on crossing routes and quick slants. New Orleans is aware that the Eagles also have a rushing attack with running backs Miles Sanders and Boston Scott (when Philly chooses to rely on it), so if they crowd the box, that will leave the Eagles’ tight ends in a perfect position to make a few big-time receptions.

The Who Dats have not faced a mobile quarterback like Hurts this season, so they can’t just bring the house. The Eagles will need to rely heavily on quicker developing routes to keep the opposing defense at bay.

The other major advantage for the Eagles in having a mobile quarterback is that it will keep defenses honest and cause the Saints to have a larger issue trying to disguise certain schemes, so a lot of what the rookie will see on Sunday can come apart quickly with zone-read options.

So what can Philadelphia Eagles fans expect from this offense? It’s simple. Birds fans can expect to see pistol formations, zone-reads, designed quarterback runs, and a ton of 12 personnel or two tight-end sets. Birds loyalists can expect that the Eagles will scheme to get both Jalen Reagor and Miles Sanders into space during the passing game, especially if the Saints are only using a single high safety.