Philadelphia Eagles versus New Orleans: 10 Saints to watch in Week 14

Sean Payton (Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports)
Sean Payton (Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Don’t worry. This won’t be the same Philadelphia Eagles story.

By now, we’re probably all thinking the same things. For the Philadelphia Eagles, it feels like the season is still in the toilet although, technically, good fortune has them still mathematically alive for the postseason. It’s impossible to make sense of a team having a chance to qualify for the NFL Playoffs even though they only have three wins after playing twelve games.

We’re all sick of hearing how bad this team is and how awful the division they play in is. We’ve grown weary of the comparisons to that 3-13 team that ripped our hearts out in 1998. We won’t even get into what’s been going on at the quarterback position. Seriously, who wants to keep telling that story?

For that reason, we’ll take a break from the regularly-scheduled programming. All we’re going to say is this. Week 14 is a chance to right the ship and start over, sort of. Philly just needs to win this game. That will do a lot.

That helps their postseason chances. That will make the fans and the team smile. Unfortunately, they’re playing a superior team. Here are ten New Orleans Saints who are coming to the City of Brotherly Love with thoughts of breaking Eagles fans’ hearts once again.