Former NFL safety joins this Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz conversation

Antoine Bethea #41 (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Antoine Bethea #41 (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Jalen Hurts’ name is one that people just can’t stop mentioning.

They say ‘those who can’t, teach’. There’s some truth to that, but those who ‘can’ turn out to be pretty good teachers as well. That’s why all of these sports networks hire these former athletes to break down the game they’ve played for their entire lives. One of the hot topics recently has been the Philadelphia Eagles and this quarterback quandary that they seemingly have with Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz.

Some say that great play by Mr. Hurts makes him very valuable trade bait. Others, NFL experts included, say he’s the future of the Eagles franchise as we’ve probably seen Wentz’s ceiling already. Then, there’s that group of Birds and NFL fans that believe the argument can be made that Wentz and Hurts both stay, Hurts will remain the starter, and Carson Wentz will go on to be the most expensive backup quarterback in what will then, in 2021, be the 102-year history of the NFL.

A former three-time Pro Bowler weighed in on Jalen Hurts recently.

So, how do we quantify all of this? The answer is simple. We wait and we see what happens. In the meantime, to keep us entertained, we can always hang out on social media or listen to some of the most trusted voices on sports radio and television.

Jim Rome definitely applies, and recently, he enlisted the help of former NFL safety (and former Eagles adversary Antoine Bethea to get a few thoughts on Hurts and what should be done about Carson Wentz. Here are his thoughts and the full clip below.

Here’s Bethea’s response to Rome’s question about how he thinks Hurts performed in his first-ever NFL start.

"You can kind of just tell, with his personality, that (he has) the type of personality that you want leading that team. Obviously, the Eagles were going through what they were going through on the offensive side of the ball, just struggling, and during that time, teams are just looking for a spark. Coaches are looking for a spark, wherever they can get it… Jalen Hurts came in and gave that team a spark. I think the guys around him rallied around him well, (they) made some plays, he made some plays with his legs. I mean, that’s what you need."

So, what should Philly do with Carson Wentz? Is this Jalen Hurts’ team now? Here’s Bethea’s take.

"That’s tough man. If Jalen Hurts ends this season playing the way he played (in Week 14), obviously going against a tough New Orleans Saints defense, personally I thought it was going to be a tough outing for Jalen Hurts, but if he continues to play like he did (on Sunday), I think it’s going to put Carson Wentz in a tough spot. It’s another thing that (we’ve) been talking about. Well, what do you do with Carson Wentz? Frank Reich, with the relationship that he has with Carson Wentz, (could state that) we might see him in Indy (with the Colts), but I say it’s tough with that number, with the cap number that will come along with Carson Wentz… I think it’s going to be tough, but hey, we’ll see."

Here’s the clip if you want to see it in full. It comes courtesy of The Jim Rome Show’s Vimeo page:

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