Philadelphia Eagles versus Arizona: 6 Questions ahead of Week 15

Larry Fitzgerald #11 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Larry Fitzgerald #11 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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5. What can Philadelphia Eagles fans expect from Jim Schwartz’s guys?

Fans can ultimately expect the Eagles to mainly play zone coverage. The linebackers will be positioned to slide with the line and stick inside an area to kill any running attempt from breaking big. That’s an idea that was successful in Week 14.

A lot of attention will also be placed on Hopkins. Even if Slay can get out of concussion protocol in time and play, Hopkins has made the best cornerbacks in the league pay heavily when in single coverage. A lot of this game is going to be left up to the Eagles pass rush. If the defensive line stays in the gap and does not crash down on the inside, they have a shot at slowing down the Cardinals’ offense.

6. So, what can Philadelphia Eagles fans expect to see from the Eagles offense?

As stated previously, the Cardinals will be looking for Hurts to escape the pocket and run. The read-options deployed against the Saints will still be there but expect more quarterback rollouts and play action designs. The Eagles will rely heavily on their run game, but head coach Doug Pederson will be more inclined to open the playbook in Week 15.

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This will be an interesting matchup as the overall game plans between the two teams will be similar. There is a chance for the Eagles to pull away with another victory, but it will once again take every single player to step up and play their best games.