Jalen Hurts shown love from a former Philadelphia Eagles backup

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

We can take the training wheels off of one Philadelphia Eagles rookie now.

Whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles are Jalen Hurts‘ team or not going forward is up in the air. Some believe he’s the guy. Others wonder if he has the stuff to lead this team long-term. Either way, regardless of what side you’re on, right now the rookie can add the term ‘former’ to his starting quarterback title.

His third career NFL start comes in Week 16 versus the team many Birds fans hate the most, the Dallas Cowboys (the New York Giants and Washington Football Team are right in that mix too). Hurts has shown elite focus, professionalism, and most importantly, leadership.

This is nice whether you’re a Philadelphia Eagles or a Jalen Hurts fan or both.

Though the circumstances are different, everything Hurts is experiencing mirrors many of the circumstances so many backup quarterbacks have faced before him: pressure, scrutiny, and of course controversy. Ahead of yet another must-win game for the Birds (it seems like they’re in one of those weekly), Jalen got a well-deserved nod from someone who knows a thing or two about coming in to relieve a very popular Eagles starter, Jeff Garcia.

This one comes courtesy of NBC Sports Philadelphia. Take a look.

In 2006, it was Garcia that entered the lineup in Week 11 following a season-ending knee injury that knocked Donovan McNabb out of the lineup. Philly won their final five games that year, including a Week 16 beatdown of the Cowboys on Christmas Night. If history repeats itself no one will complain.

For the 2006 Eagles, the season ended in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. This year’s version won’t know if their postseason dreams are alive until the end of Washington’s Week 16 tilt versus Carolina.

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If the Panthers can pull off the upset, something most people aren’t banking on, Philly’s dream of a postseason berth lives on. If Washington is victorious, well, it’s on to weekly mock drafts, guesses about the Eagles’ upcoming offseason, and talking about Philadelphia 76ers basketball (if that’s your thing).