Philadelphia Eagles legend DeSean Jackson extends his own record

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The legend that is DeSean Jackson continues for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s been an interesting week for DeSean Jackson. One minute, he’s sitting on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ injured reserve. The next, Philly activates a 21-day practice window for him. Five days later, he’s being added to the Eagles’ active roster, and a little over 24 hours after that, he’s going 81 yards and somersaulting into the end zone.

His first-quarter touchdown reception from Jalen Hurts is the longest play from scrimmage since, well, DeSean Jackson hauled in another bomb from Michael Vick versus the Washington Football Team in a game affectionately referred to as the Monday Night Massacre.

Take a look at D-Jax’s latest work of art and highlights from a Monday Night Football game long ago when 10 set the table with another bomb. The footage comes courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube channel.

All one can do is appreciate the beauty. Unfortunately, Jackson and Hurts’ efforts didn’t result in a win. Philly falls in this one by a score of 37-17.

The Philadelphia Eagles legend extends his own record.

No one will ever look at DeSean Jackson and say he’s better than Jerry Rice, but if there’s one thing that he does better, it’s getting behind defenses to haul in the deep ball. His touchdown reception in Week 16 was his 25th career reception of 60 or more yards. That extends his own record (Jerry Rice sits in second place with 23).

So, as strange as it might be to say this, one could make the argument that DeSean Jackson’s resume is Hall of Fame worthy. He isn’t called the greatest deep threat in NFL history for no reason.

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In 160 career games (167 if you include his playoff appearances), DeSean Jackson has racked up well over 10,000 receiving yards, 400 rushing yards, 1,300 return yards, and 64 total touchdowns. Maybe he’s a Hall of Famer. Maybe he isn’t, but here’s what we can state. He’s a shoo-in for the Eagles Hall of Fame as he’s, without question, one of the best wideouts in franchise history. A disappointing end to his career doesn’t change that.