Philadelphia Eagles: Week 16 game balls, 7 disappointments

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These last two Philadelphia Eagles are becoming household dud names.

Dud: Doug Pederson, Head Coach

There was much debate about whether Carson Wentz was the major problem on the offense or if it was the play calling, the game plan, or something else that head coach Doug Pederson was doing. Though Wentz was definitely an issue, without him, the spotlight has fallen squarely on the head coach, and he’s been a major disappointment.

After a couple of strong opening drives, it seemed that the head coach didn’t have anything left in the chamber. Pederson once again abandoned the run while playing the league’s worst rushing defense. He went pass-heavy with a rookie quarterback and a struggling offensive line, and whenever this team could muster some momentum, he called drive-killing plays.

Dud: Howie Roseman, General Manager, and Executive Vice President

All of the issues and all of the glaring problems that this roster has was on full display in Week 16. Bad draft choices have led to a lack of big-time playmakers on this team, and what everyone is left with is a slow, plotting offense. Over-commitment to aging veterans with massive contracts may have put a dark cloud on future seasons as well.

Philly fans have to honestly think that there is no way owner Jeffery Lurie can bring Roseman back or keep him in the general manager’s seat heading into the 2021 season? Right? Wrong!

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There’s a strong possibility that Howie will be right back in the same position in 2021, and with the Eagles now securing a top-ten draft choice, this could be one of the most important selections in recent memory. Only one game remains for Eagles fans, just one. There are so many questions that linger over this team that need to be answered, both in the short term and long term. The season finale will be used to evaluate the younger players, but after that, what comes next? It isn’t a fun time to be an Eagles fan.