Philadelphia Eagles draft buzz: Sitting down with Christian Darrisaw

Christian Darrisaw #77 Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)
Christian Darrisaw #77 Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images) /

Lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan Christian Darrisaw sits with ITI for a spell.

When Philadelphia Eagles fans watch the film on Virginia Tech Hokies tackle Christian Darrisaw, it’s easy to fall in love with his potential. The recent buzz regarding the 2021 NFL Draft has Darrisaw as one of the best at his position. He’s blessed with the size (six-foot-five, 315 pounds) offensive coordinators covet on the blindside, the athletic ability to lead the way in the running game, and the skill set to be a brick wall while pass blocking.

Sitting down over the weekend with the Virginia native, I had the opportunity to pick his brain on playing in the ACC? What does he feel he brings to an NFL locker room? Does he experience the pressures of being considered a top-end draft pick?

Here’s a conversation Philadelphia Eagles fans might find interesting.

Before sitting down with the rising star, I reached out to a scouting source and asked him his thoughts on Darrisaw. He asked not to be mentioned but did have this to say:

"Christian is a guy that you can build around. He has the type of tools and skill set, that you don’t see often. I mean, you will see a ton of talented kids coming out to be drafted, a ton of talented guys on the blindside, but you rarely see them with the athletic ability he possesses. He is something else truly. I love his film. (I) watched him live against the Miami Hurricanes, and he was tremendous. The athletic ability he showed in that game was crazy. He can help in the run game. He can pass block. He can do it all really. In this year’s draft, you will hear about a few other guys as the top tackle. To me, he is it, period. I like a few of the other guys. The kid from Oregon (Penei Sewell), the kid from Notre Dame (Liam Eichenberg), they could be names you hear more of. Even the kid from Alabama (Alex Leatherwood), they are all very talented guys. To me, he has a higher ceiling. I know the talk is on Sewell, as the first one off the board, I get it, I really do. He is a talented kid, and has the look and talent of a legit  Tackle for years to come, but to me, I love what Christian Darrisaw, brings to the table. If I am on the clock, I am sprinting to go get this kid."

What stands out when watching the film on Darrisaw is the competition he faces on a week-to-week basis. He more than holds his own against some of the best edge defenders in the nation. He has been an athletic wall. He spoke about facing these talents and playing in the ACC?

"I feel like, in the ACC, you are going to see some of the best players in the nation. Every week, you have to be prepared to take on one star after another. The guy from Miami (Greg Rousseau) is a guy that stands out to me, but it doesn’t stop with him. You have to be ready both physically and mentally. You can’t miss a workout. You can’t take a break with your lifts, and studying film. You need all of that, to add to your talent. It isn’t just oh well I am a good player so I can survive like that. It is the pressure I guess, but I feel like if you play at this level, when you sign up to play in the ACC, you have a certain trait about you already. You have something to you that helps you be ready to play at such a high level."

Speaking of talent in the ACC, I reached out to Miami Hurricane, EDGE Greg Rousseau. Asked him his thoughts on ‘The Bodyguard from Virginia Tech?

"Yeah, that guy is something else. He stands out when you watch the film on tech. He is the offense to me. I mean they have tons of talent on that team, but to me, it starts and ends with that solid offensive line. To me, he is the leader and the star of that team. I expect to see him shining in the NFL. Whoever lands him in the draft is going to get a heck of a player."

Darrisaw also spoke about the pressures of being considered a top-end pick, and the recent 2021 NFL Draft buzz?

"To me, while it is really nice to hear all of that. To be considered one of the better players is cool I guess. You can’t sit and listen to all of it really. Man, to me I am only starting now. I am only at the beginning of my journey, to play professionally. To me, none of it matters at all. It is all words at this point. I have a ton of work to do. I need to get better at all the things I do well, and I need to get better at all the things I don’t do as well. I want to work on everything really. So I guess thank you. Thanks to all the people who consider me a top pick or whatever, but right now I need to keep my focus on all the things I can control now. I need to get faster and stronger. I need to work on my footwork and my athleticism. I can’t sit here and feel comfortable with all the talk. I have seen plenty of “great” college players that just didn’t cut it in the NFL. For whatever reason, they fell off. I am not letting that happen to me. I want to be great, and it all starts with your approach. All the draft buzz just doesn’t matter to me man."

While the quarterback conundrum rules the media world in the City of Brotherly Love. The obvious holes surrounding them need to be filled, starting with protecting the signal-caller. No matter who it is, the need to keep him upright stands out. While bookends Lane Johnson, and newcomer Jordan Mailata, have been solid-to-great at times. Lane has had so many injury issues as of late, and Mailata has had his share of mistakes. Adding a player of Darrisaw’s caliber would give the Eagles a legit prospect to fill their truck-size hole left by Jason Peters.

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All you need to do is put on the film and decide for yourself. The recent NFL Draft buzz on Virginia Tech tackle Christian Darrisaw has been very consistent. He is a physically gifted brick wall with the rare athletic ability for a man his size. He is a road grader in the run game and a legit monster in the passing game. Adding a player with his skill set would help any NFL team, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. While adding a tackle isn’t the ‘sexy’ pick, giving your quarterback time to pick apart a defense is.