Philadelphia Eagles draft buzz: Sitting down with Antonio Nunn

Buffalo Bulls wide receiver Antonio Nunn (1) . Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Buffalo Bulls wide receiver Antonio Nunn (1) . Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports /

Here’s an under-the-radar option that could help the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lately, in the City of Brotherly Love, the wideout position has been a sore topic. The combination of bad drafting and bad luck has left the Philadelphia Eagles with more questions than answers, and it needs to be rectified quickly. Luckily, just like it was a season ago, this year’s NFL Draft is full of options. One of the more talented guys that have flown under the radar (for reasons we will never truly understand) is Buffalo Bulls product, Antonio Nunn.

A true weapon and offensive threat, Nunn has an explosive playing style that would have any Philadelphia Eagles fan screaming for joy. Earlier this week, ITI connected with Nunn via phone to discuss his path to the University at Buffalo to discuss some of what he feels he can bring to an NFL locker room as well as his thoughts on dealing with the infamous Birds fanatics.

Here’s some of what he had to say.

"You know, people ask me all the time how I ended up at Buffalo. I think it’s funny really. You know I got hurt my junior year in high school which led to a few teams shying away from me. (That’s what) I think at least, but Buffalo was one of the first teams to offer me., that and my quarterback got hurt early in the year so I wanted to declare early. I feel like Buffalo has coaches and people that I could really trust and made me feel comfortable, so that was really all it was. I am glad that I ended up here. As far as what I bring to a team? I think, first and foremost, (I can bring) versatility. I can play outside and beat a man on an island, or I can push inside and it will be a mismatch. Here at Buffalo, we are a run-first team so you might not have been able to see all I can do, but I feel like I did enough for people to see what I can bring to a team. I am a guy that will not be outworked, or ever be unprepared. I am a guy that prides himself on all the little things that add up to a big play. I can block and help the run game, or catch it from anywhere, I think I have a really good vertical. I am only five-eleven, but I can jump like I am a lot bigger. I just need a shot."

How does Mr. Nunn deal with those rowdy Philadelphia Eagles fans?

Playing at Buffalo, Nunn had the opportunity to perform in front of some very large crowds. None of which are anything like a crowd at Lincoln Financial Field. Moving forward, Nunn spoke about playing for such a powerful crowd, and what it would mean to play in Philly’?

"You know, growing up I always had dreams of playing in the NFL. I feel like where ever it is I end up I am going to play my heart out for the team and its fans. Everybody that watched football knows that the Philadelphia Eagles have the toughest and most passionate fans in football. I know that right now the receiver position is kind of a tough subject with them. I would go in and do my job. You can’t talk about it you have to really be about it. You have to go out and do your job and that is how I would win that crowd or any other team’s crowd over."

This guy has his head on straight and it’s good to see. Throw his name on your imaginary draft boards if you have one. If you’re a Birds fan, you should hope this Eagles organization throws his name on the one they’re constructing at the NovaCare Complex.

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It’s no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles are in need of a true burst of talent on offense. Wideout may be the biggest of all their needs. Adding a player of Antonio Nunn’s stature would give the offense another weapon, one that can help in a multitude of ways, whether it be outside, in the slot, or even on special teams. When you watch the film on Nunn, you see the potential he brings to the game, but when you speak to him you see the leader he is and the football IQ he could bless the Philadelphia Eagles with.