Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Draft prospect profile: Caleb Huntley

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The Philadelphia Eagles have a ton of work to do this coming draft season.

Here we are with one game left in what’s been a horrible season for the Philadelphia Eagles. What seems like a three-month nightmare is finally coming to an end and most Birds fans will be shifting their attention to the offseason and upcoming NFL Draft. While the Eagles seem to be in bad shape right now, the potential to find reinforcements and fill these canyon-sized holes gives their fans hope.

Looking at this roster, you could close your eyes, point, and land on a problem area for this team. Most will keep their eyes peeled to find the top corners and wideouts, but the Eagles’ team needs run much deeper. An argument can be made to use Philly’s first-round selection on each of those areas, but the one thing we can all agree on is this. They need a lot of help and have issues everywhere.

With that being said, let’s zero in on the running-back position. Understandably, Miles Sanders is the clear-cut number-one guy, but past him, things get murky. Sanders brings the ‘lighting’ for the Eagles offense, but they could use a little ‘thunder’ as well. They haven’t had any of that since they lost LeGarrette Blount. Enter Ball State University running back Caleb Huntley.

At five-foot-ten and 230 pounds, Huntley is a stocky bulldozer with the strength and speed to run over, around, and away from defenders. Blessed with quick feet that help him with lateral quickness, tree trunk legs that allow him to run through defenses, and vision that you just can’t teach, Huntley has been a true bell-cow back at Ball State, rushing for over 2,800 yards and 21 touchdowns over his four-year career.

Here’s a quote from the potential Philadelphia Eagles prospect.

ITI had an opportunity to speak briefly with the rising star and ask him what he feels he can bring to an NFL roster. This is what he had to say.

"As far as playing at the next level, I am going to be the same guy (that) I am now, a hardworking man that gets his job done no matter what it takes. I know what I am capable of and when you put on the tape you can see what I bring. I know I can be a short-yardage guy but also break a tackle and take it to the house from 60 yards out. I have the athletic ability to be a three-down back and help whatever team it is that picks me up. I can say that I am not going to be outworked and I will be the guy my team can trust to do the right thing."

What can Caleb Huntley bring the Philadelphia Eagles offense?

While Miles Sanders has been a good-to-great back for the Philadelphia Eagles at times, it’s the depth behind him that needs an upgrade. Adding the Atlanta native would give the Eagles a true workhorse running back that can carry the load and give Sanders a breather.

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When you watch the film on Huntley, you salivate at his potential at the next level. Watching him run reminds me of Hall-of-Fame tailback Jerome Bettis because he creates space and has sneaky speed that allows him to separate from a defense. While Caleb Huntley may not be a household name just yet he has all the tools, the skill set, and the football IQ that would boost the Philadelphia Eagles’ backfield and give them the ‘thunder’ they have searched since 2018.