2 Philadelphia Eagles trade scenarios involving Colts, Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /
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What if the Philadelphia Eagles throw some extra guys in that package?

As sad as this is to say, Zach Ertz may have played his final season with the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s technically signed through the 2021 campaign, but Philly’s brass may have already demonstrated to us that he’s not in their long-term plans.

If that’s true, mull this over for a few ticks. Sure, whether or not former Eagles offensive coordinator and current Colts head coach, Frank Reich, wants Wentz is up in the air. That can be argued all day. No one knows how Reich feels about 11, except for Reich of course, but we also know that Indy’s head coach had a good relationship with Ertz.

How about this? Philly dumps their suddenly controversial quarterback on Indy and Ertz is thrown in as a little something to sweeten the deal. Wentz gets out of Philly and takes one of his favorite targets and good friends with him. The Birds get Wentz and Ertz out of the NFC. The Colts get a solid tight end and quarterback.

Remember, the Colts lost Eric Ebron last offseason, and when March rolls around, Trey Burton is an unrestricted free agent as well. The Birds could take Jacoby Brissett or T.Y. Hilton off of Indy’s hands, but they’re both scheduled to be free agents in 2021. They need new deals, and Philly probably won’t be able to afford them.

For that reason, we want that same second-round draft choice that was mentioned in the previous scenario, but because Ertz is a part of the deal now, we’ll throw in a sixth-rounder to take Hilton if Philly can figure out a way to work out an extension for him. If they can’t, we’ll take a fourth-rounder for Ertz in 2021 or a conditional choice that could be a fourth or fifth-rounder in 2022. That would depend on how 86 performs.

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Gosh, this is harder than we thought, and again, we’re talking about a scenario that’s based on something we don’t know to be accurate. We don’t even know if the Colts want Wentz anyway. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, we’re out of ideas.