Philadelphia Eagles NFL mock draft: Forecasting picks one through six

Philadelphia Eagles, (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles, (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Who will be there for the Philadelphia Eagles to draft in the first round?

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles have their head coach, it’s time to start putting the focus on the NFL Draft, which is vastly approaching. The Birds are selecting sixth in the first round of 2021’s selection meeting.

As most fans already know, this team desperately needs help at all of the skill positions, and they need young, inexpensive players. The Iggles roster, to be blunt, is old and expensive, but fans already know that, so where do they even begin in this ‘rebuild’? Almost every single position group needs help.

Will the Eagles pick a wide receiver? Maybe they go with a defensive back? Or, could they possibly even select a quarterback? The good news is there will be plenty of talent available at that sixth selection; however, that brings up another huge question. Does this fanbase have faith in general manager Howie Roseman to make the right choice?

We here at ITI understand if you don’t, but there’s so much talent that you have to believe the franchise would bomb, but the ugly truth is, if there’s any team that can screw this up, it’s Philly. That’s another conversation altogether. Okay, let’s come back to the original question. Who will be available for the Eagles? Let’s put on our G.M. hats and make some predictions. Here’s how the first six picks will play out