Philadelphia Eagles: Proof that Sirianni can fix Wentz or develop Hurts

Nick Sirianni (L), T.Y. Hilton (R), (Imagn Images photo pool)
Nick Sirianni (L), T.Y. Hilton (R), (Imagn Images photo pool) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Will Nick Sirianni solve the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback problems?

Just a few days prior to being hired, Nick Sirianni unexpectedly became one of the top candidates for the Philadelphia Eagles head coaching job. There were a number of names in the conversation. Some fans thought the Eagles might never stop bringing in candidates for interviews. Ultimately, they ended up going with Sirianni, Frank Reich’s offensive coordinator of the past three years in Indianapolis.

Considering how unattractive the Eagles organization currently is for any top-tier candidate looking to become a head coach, Philly made out pretty well with Sirianni. We’ve discussed in previous articles what his philosophy is on offense and what his arrival might mean for the young Eagles wide receivers. Looking at how the Colts have performed under Reich and Sirianni in the past three years, it’s exciting to think about the potential the Eagles might have with his guidance.

Although he hasn’t called plays before, every coach has to start somewhere. Andy Reid hadn’t called plays before his arrival in Philadelphia. Reich hadn’t been a full-time play-caller until he went to Indianapolis. We’re not comparing Sirianni to Reid (or Reich), but we’re going to give him a shot.

From what we’re hearing, this is a brilliant offensive mind who will have the locker room’s respect and coach his players hard. He’s already putting a solid staff around him. It’s a young staff. It’s difficult to predict how this will pan out, but there is reason to be excited about it.

While that’s great, the big question will be whether or not Sirianni can fix Carson Wentz. If Wentz isn’t the answer, we’ll all then turn our attention to whether or not he can develop Jalen Hurts. This is assuming that they are both on the roster, which isn’t a guarantee. Either way, Sirianni will be largely judged on the performance of the quarterback position this season. Here’s the evidence that states he may be the man for the job.