Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Potential trade partners, scenarios to ponder

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Hopefully, the Philadelphia Eagles can trade back but stay in the top ten.

Perhaps the best part about the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster is the fact that, even if they lose Carson Wentz, there’s a chance that Jalen Hurts could still be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

With that being said, teams who need to find a franchise signal-caller, like the Carolina Panthers,  might call the Birds early on in the draft. If one of the top five quarterbacks is available at the sixth pick, the Panthers might make an offer that the Philadelphia Eagles’ brass can’t refuse.

How’s this for a plan? The Eagles give away the sixth overall pick in exchange for the Panthers’ eighth pick. Philly also gets the 40th selection, the 72nd, and the 113th pick. Teams are sometimes willing to give up a king’s ransom for a potential franchise QB, and the Eagles might be able to take advantage of a Carolina team bordering on desperation for a blue-chip prospect. Philly would be unwise if they didn’t indulge.

Moving two spots down while also staying in the top ten, is only one part of an amazing opportunity. The best part is adding a second pick in both the second and third round, as well as a fourth-rounder. if you’re keeping count, that would give the Eagles six picks in the first four rounds.