Philadelphia Eagles labeled possible suitor for another disgruntled star

Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) /

Before you say a word, trust us. We already know what you’re thinking. Is this still a thing? Well, ladies and gents, it appears that it is. As you know, it’s become pretty commonplace for the Philadelphia Eagles to be involved in rumors that link them to just about any disgruntled star on the market, especially if that star plays a position of great need by the Birds.

Three days before we all pass out candy, flowers, and Valentine’s Day cards, the rumor mill is indeed churning, but the name that’s being tossed around might be one you wouldn’t expect. What if we told you that the Birds have been linked to Russell Wilson now?

We know. That one’s pretty wild right?

Make sure you’re sitting down if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

As you might expect, ‘DangerRuss’ is getting a lot of media pub following his acceptance of the most recent Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. What might be surprising is the fact that he’s partially been using that attention to discuss some issues he’s having with the Seattle Seahawks.

Recently, he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, and that talk has been getting quite a bit of pub. No, let’s be honest. When have you ever seen Wilson complain about anything?

As you might imagine, the customary ‘where might Russell Wilson end up’ talk began (even though we know the ‘Hawks have no intention of trading him). Recently, in a piece he penned for CBS Sports, Cody Benjamin named 13 logical suitors for the NFL star’s services. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are on the list.

They rank 11th on the list. Here’s what Benjamin had to say on the subject.

"If the Eagles actually deal Carson Wentz, nothing would be more Howie Roseman-esque than the general manager swinging big for a guy he’s famously talked up, and once scouted heavily in years past. What about sending Wentz to Seattle, where he could rebuild within a more run-heavy system, to seal the deal? The issue, you guessed it, is Philly’s daunting cap situation."

It kind of makes sense in theory, but as you might imagine, there are so many ways to shoot this one down. One, Eagles executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman has placed this team in a huge financial crisis by doling out so much money to the likes of DeSean Jackson, Brandon Brooks, Jake Eliott, Javon Hargrave and, you guessed it, Alshon Jeffery.

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, there isn’t much of a reason to dwell on this.

Philly’s cap situation is atrocious, and though that’s an argument that, often, gets way too much hype (the cap will take care of itself following a few cuts, restructures, and dismissals), the larger hindrances to this getting done revolve around two concepts.

Once, again, no one believes the Seattle Seahawks are trading Wilson. The guy never complains, and if he says ‘go Hawks’ one more time, we’re going to scream. The best bet for Seattle is to work things out internally.

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Second, as if carrying two huge quarterback salaries in Philly isn’t sickening enough to think about (Carson Wentz potentially represents the biggest cap hit in NFL history), here’s one more thing to ponder. 11 isn’t really the most desirable trade collateral, and he doesn’t seem to realize there are so many factors, including a few that are self-created, that are preventing him from moving on. It appears that this is one of those rumors that we can glance at and move on from fairly quickly.