Philadelphia Eagles roster: Was hanging on to Boston Scott wise?

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Well, hang around a few sports bars and NFL circles long enough, and you’re sure to hear certain phrases quite often. Here’s one that you’re quite familiar with if you self-identify as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Football is a business.

If you need any evidence of that, think about how you felt when Reggie White or Brian Dawkins left, or more recently, think about the fact that this team dismissed the only coach that won them a Super Bowl.

That was partially due to the desire to appease a needy and thin-skinned quarterback (who also left town). Yep, this Eagles team seems to be handling a lot of their business inappropriately, so it’s hard to get upset with fans who are of the opinion that it’s hard to get excited about 2021.

Then, there’s this. If the recent news of them tendering Boston Scott didn’t come and go with you, at minimum, scratching your head slightly, you might need to look at a few things more closely.

And, you thought the Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t figure out the wide receiver position.

Since we’re on the subject of business, the Philadelphia Eagles are a team that has conducted much of their own in a strange fashion. The Nick Sirianni hire, when they didn’t even interview Eric Bieniemy, seemed weird, but we all let that go. That was probably because we were busy talking about something we discuss every offseason.

Where are this team’s running backs, cornerbacks, and linebackers? Sure, we all knew this team couldn’t figure out the wide receiver position, but they don’t seem to be much better at finding guys to play in the backfield or anywhere else.

Over the past few seasons, they’ve given up on Donnel Pumphrey (for good reason). They kicked the tires too many times on Darren Sproles and Corey Clement. Then, last season, they signed an undrafted guy that kind of looks like Donnel Pumphrey if we didn’t have numbers and names on the jerseys to keep us straight (Adrian Killins).

They cut Killins, resigned him a few times, and eventually watched his practice squad contract run out in January before signing him to a two-year deal on March 17th.

Sure, Philly has Miles Sanders, and he’s a stud. Still, even with that being said, outside of him, they have a couple of guys that were given up on by other teams (Elijah Holyfield and Jason Huntley), and collectively, all of their backs have relatively similar skill sets.

Again, are you sure Scott is the upgrade the Philadelphia Eagles need?

The Eagles need a workhorse, and that’s been the case since LeGarrette Blount left. Boston Scott isn’t that, nor are we sure that he’s an answer or an upgrade at the running back position. At this point in his career, he’s only proven that he can show up and be a factor versus the New York Giants. So much for him being the ‘next Darren Sproles’ huh?

The Philadelphia Eagles have gone from being a team that understands football is a business, a team that moves off of guys a year too early. Now, they’re a team that moves off of guys a year too late as we saw with Mack Hollins, Nelson Agholor, Darren Sproles, and Corey Clement.

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Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe Boston Scott is a legitimate answer at running back, but from what we all saw last season, there’s nothing wrong with asking if he isn’t. Right now, this running back room doesn’t look any different than it did a season ago, and if Scott, Killins, and Sanders are three of the guys at a spot where Philly might carry four players, there might be some cause for concern in the City of Brotherly Love.